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Note, below, the Sept. 2015 report on USA tiny-baby (very premature...14 to 52.8 ounces!!!) survival rate of 34,636 births, 1993-2012.

AMAZING, very early HERE human embryo photos by Lunar Caustic.

In its broadest scientific sense, "abortion" is a word encompassing any lethal termination of pregnancy, whether (1) spontaneous and natural or (2) induced by deliberate intent. It includes anything that causes the "death" of a fertized egg ("conceptus"), whether by toxic effect on the fertilized egg or an alteration of the uterine lining endometrium so that the conceptus cannot implant & survive. In the June 2014 Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision, the Court only found 4 of 20 birth control methods unacceptable. [see procreation glossary] [procreation timeline]

Because the truth about it cannot be known, what has always apparently never been considered is whether it makes any difference if the biologically developing human yet has a soul or not (ensoulment).

Upon fusion of the sperm DNA of the male's chromosomes with the egg DNA of the female's chromosomes (conception), a new life of 46 complete chromosomes begins its cellular multiplication and defines (in my personal medical opinion) the beginning of a new BIOLOGICAL life (a different, new being...a new biological is scientifically referred to as a "conceptus"). This is now all molecular biologists know! By the way, a Divine mystery is the which the Holy Spirit effected a conception in Mary, Mother of Jesus. But when does the becoming of a PERSON or complete individual begin (with entry of a soul)?

[see Noah Markham hurricane Katrina frozen embryo survival miracle]

For those whose religion springs from (or is related to) the Bible, that inspired book speaking 2000 years ago, the word goes even further: as God said to Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:5...and if it is true for Jeremiah then the prophet proclaimed it in a way that would seem must be true for all other humans) "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born, I set you apart;...". When the conceptus implants into the endometrial lining on the inside of the uterus (uterus = womb) about 5 days after fertilization, the mother's state of pregnancy begins.

All other timing debates as to when life begins continue to mostly be emotionally fought out in verbal & written expression (rather than debated as free and educated people) because of agenda undercurrents of legal/legalistic/secular/religious implication. The disrespect of other points of view is amazing! The vitriolic, profanity-filled, prejudicial and even almost violence-fomenting exchanges from pro-abortionists is hard to understand.

By social custom or convention, we use the term "miscarriage" for spontaneous, natural (biological) terminations of pregnancy. At this time (2015), there is no way to discern whether a miscarriage is biological or due to lethal toxic effect by something the mother took in. So, we are left to consider the non-deliberate instances as biological miscarriages. The conventional medical scientific term for any unintended natural or intended termination of pregnancy through the uterus is "abortion".

Blood first forms in the embryo within 3-4 weeks after conception. Intentional abortion is a shedding of innocent blood, and God, "...hates hands [the act] that shed innocent blood..." (Proverbs 6:17). Any human-caused death by any means (including the above shedding of blood) is a  "killing". [see "killing" chart] Whether spontaneously & naturally happening or as intentional human-caused abortions, the souls of these embryos & fetuses MAY be (are speculated by some) be the source of Biblical cherubs. If you had an abortion, it may now be a cherub in Heaven!!

Medical and demographic studies indicate the following:

Check this graphic in order to see what happened in 1998 in the USA for each 10,000 conceptuses (the biological "product of conception")...each group of 10,000 new, biologically very-early humans. In my >30 years as a practicing pathologist whose job is to look at the spontaneous abortion tissue with the naked eye & under the microscope, I can say that there is almost never any 1st trimester case naturally miscarried that is not one which "withered" or "blighted" (died) prior to miscarriage...over 99% show no evidence of being a living embryo at the point/time of miscarriage. We usually see only placental tissue.

Lifestyle factors (alcohol, smoking, drugs, poor nutrition) have a significant impact of unknown dimension in the early waste of the 7,500 conceptions noted in the first part of the above-linked graphic. Some 92% of legally induced/intended abortions are said to occur in the first trimester; the total abortion rate is said to be about 34 per 100 live births (there were 4,158,212 total live births in the United States in 1990). Within the 42 years since legalization in 1973, there have been >50,000,000 deliberate legal abortions (sheddings of innocent blood...see God's prohibitions... [check this]) in the U.S.A.

SLAVERY: in 1860, our nation went to war over a way of life which had been considered legal for centuries. Deliberate, intention, life-ending abortions are an example of society-sanctioned murder (homicide) in which the vital statistics laws are set aside so that such deaths are not given a non-natural manner of death (death certification notes, HERE). Moreso, as far as I know, death certificates law or policy...not even issued on very late term abortions! What if, down the road a hundred or more years hence, our nation decides that abortions are murder?

In a joint report May 2003 by the Rand Corporation and The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, it was indicated that there are 400,000 frozen embryos (new human beings in suspended animation) in the 430 fertility centers in the USA...2.2% were scheduled to be destroyed (2.8% set aside for "research"). Check out some issues at  "Think about it on-line".

Tiny very premature, extremely low birth weight (ELBW) babies who survived, EXAMPLES: (1) My mother-in-law was born at 2 pounds in 1916, (see second paragraph, HERE). (2) When I was a medical student in Charleston, S. C. in the late 1960s, there was a clinic janitor who went by the nickname of "Flush". It was said that his mother went to the bathroom and miscarried but did not realize it and flushed the toilet. (3) My close friend & colleague, Rita R., had a grand-daughter, Makayla, born in Columbia, S. C. in 2003 weighing just over a pound who is doing well in 2017. (4) In February of 2007, the news came that one of the world's smallest babies...the only one known to survive less than 23 weeks gestation...was going home. Amillia Sonja Taylor of Homestead, Florida was born 10/24/06 at Baptist Childrens' Hospital in Miami after only 21 weeks & 6 days gestation and weighing just over 9 ounces. By e-mail response to me from Taylor family attorney Amy Bales on 2/14/08, Amillia is doing great at age 9! (5) The third smallest baby ever to be born by 2011 and survive is thriving, doctors say, after she entered the world [by C-section due to eclampsia] almost four months before she was due. Melinda Star Guido weighed roughly the same as two iPhones when was born 16 weeks premature at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Centre on August 30, 2011. She was actually due 16 Dec. 2011. But after round the clock care at the hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Melinda is now tipping the scales at 4.12lb and her parents hope to have her home by New Year's Day [2012]. (6) In Oct. 2013, Jayden Segura was born 4 months before her due date at Trident Hospital, Charleston, S. C., weighing only 14 ounces and needed emergency heart surgery. Her twin was born 5 weeks later and weighed 2.5 pounds. By 6 months later , both girls are doing well!

2015 REPORT: The 8 September 2015 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA vol 314, number 10) formally accumulated data from 26 network USA medical centers for the period 1993-2012. The catalogued births varied from 401 grams (14 ounces) to 1500 grams (3 pounds & 4.8 ounces), the pregnancies varying from 22 to 28 weeks. After about the year 2000, nearly a third of 23-week births survived (even better 24-28 weeks). I'd quickly note that, while this study shows the amazing amount of biological survival, there is still no way to know when ensoulment happens. Could we assume that it happens at the time of live birth in a survivor birth?

Heaven: Do aborted babies have souls (ensoulment)? Do aborted babies go to heaven (cherubs)?

By The Way: Emergency USA pregnancy terminations to save mother's physical life (10,00/yr) ALREADY are about the same annual rate as homicides by gun (11,203/yr)!!! Any increase would be greater than homicides by gun! [see Congressional Budget Office termination analysis Jan 2015 & CDC homicide analysis 2013]

Now consider what a late term abortion is: though determined in our society to be legal, is it not actually death at the hands of another human...a Biblical & societal "killing"? Did you know that Margaret Sanger...the founder of Planned Parenthood...desired to use abortion to eliminate the Negro population over time? A very interesting story is that of singer Gianna Jessen (testimony), a late-term, saline-induced abortion survivor (see on line, YouTube, or other sources). And this world famous fashion model had this testimony, HERE. Finally, the BreakPoint website has a discussion of what else dies in an abortion, HERE.

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(posted 27 May 1998; latest addition 7 January 2018)